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Trustbridge believes in preparing staff to be able to meet the individual needs of every patient they care for. The Knowledge Center at Trustbridge ensures that every clinician receives extensive training in the management of physical symptoms and compassionate communication. This goal begins with new employee orientation and continues with on-going staff development programs.

Trustbridge Simulation Lab

Trustbridge is the only hospice in Florida  with its own Simulation Lab. This lab consists of two “patient’ rooms equipped with computerized high-fidelity manikins and medical equipment that are used to train and evaluate staff competence in a safe environment. Simulation has become an integral part of nursing and physician education over the past twenty years, but has not been adopted into the hospice setting.

Trustbridge has expanded the use of simulation to train all members of the interdisciplinary team, including physicians, by simulating real-life scenarios and conversations.

Preceptor Training

A preceptor serves to enculturate new employees into their role. Trustbridge trains a select group of clinicians to serve as preceptors to new employees.  The focus of these preceptors is to facilitate and focus on assisting the professional growth, inter-professional relationships, and clinical skills that new employees need to do their job.

Staff Development, Training, and Competency Validation Programs

The Knowledge Center utilizes a wide range of teaching modalities to develop and provide staff development programs and training throughout the year.

Nuts & Bolts for New Managers

Nuts & Bolts is one of the programs developed by the Knowledge Center to train, support and enculturate new managers at Trustbridge. This program serves as a bridge into the organizational culture and provides the basic framework for communicating and working successfully within the leadership team.

Leadership Development

Trustbridge offers leadership development learning opportunities for new to role and experienced leaders.  Classes offered to new leaders are designed help them make the transition from individual contributor to helping them maximize the contributions of others in their new role.  Classes also are offered to experienced leaders to update their skills and help them apply leadership principles and practices in their roles.

R.N. Residency Programs

Trustbridge offers a cutting-edge program to qualified R.N. graduates, inexperienced R.N.s or R.N.s returning to practice with one year of learning experience. When completed, the participant gains the skills necessary to assume a primary nurse role within the Trustbridge organization.  One year after completion of residency, the successful R.N. will be eligible to sit for the National Hospice & Palliative Nurse Certification examination.

External Education

Trustbridge offers education on end-of-life care to the community. Each year, programs are provided to area professionals and the community at large.

Trustbridge believes in supporting the education of clinical professionals. Each year, Trustbridge partners with area colleges and universities to provide clinical rotations for nurses, internships for nurses, social workers and music therapists.

Open houses occur four times a year at the Gerstenberg campus for numerous area schools and healthcare training facilities, coordinating a hands-on skills workshop for clinical staff and using equipment that simulates real-life situations to train workers on providing top-quality patient care.

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